Rohan Ricketts is back

The Iniesta of the MLS returns home

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I’ve been following the adventures of Rohan Ricketts over the pond. The lad has returned back to England having left Toronto FC (apparently because their head coach quit the club). Maybe I mis-understood but I was certain a month or so back he was released by the club. At least that’s the impression I got from one or two sources. Obviously mis-informed. I guess if he’s left the club on a free no contract was on offer anyhow, although from what he's saying, he wanted a change. But regardless of how or why, he’s back and he's looking for a brand new home and a new adventure.

Cheeky Spurs trial? Nah, just jesting.

Skysports have done him a favour with an interview and they’ve even written up a brief CV for any prospective club interested in the midfielder. Although how exactly a 26 year old has ‘plenty of potential’ is a mystery to me. But before the likes of Hull or Stoke take a look, be warned...he’d prefer a move to the continent instead.

Apparently touch players (that’s what he is) don’t go down too well in England unless they play for Arsenal. The fast paced kick and rush football of the Prem means Ricketts (according to Rohan) wouldn’t be able to play at his best. He needs a proper stage for his talents. Like Iniesta has in La Liga. Because Iniesta in the Prem just wouldn’t work. See players of this ilk get overlooked over here. According to Rohan.

He does talk the talk.


Right mindset.

Raw tools.


Wants to play football.


He's even got an active Twitter account.

I almost want him to return, not to us of course, but to the Prem. Thus far only League One teams have apparently shown an interest in the young lad. Come one people, wake up. He's a free agent and he needs his football.

We need to find him a team. Spread the word.

The Ricketts is back and he's ready to sparkle.