Who's gonna be our next signing?

So having signed Crouch, we are back again sitting in the cushioned seat of patience as we await the next decision from Levy and Redknapp in this rather understated transfer market, where everything moves around in slo-mo. But unlike The Matrix, it lacks any real explosive punch. At least at the minute it does.

Negredo (remember that one?) is now being linked with a move to Liverpool as part of the possible (probable) transfer of Alonso to the White Storm. But don’t fret, because Harry is spewing out his favourite sound-bite of the moment (if he’s available we’re interested) relating to one of our other perpetual summer transfer targets, the prolific Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.  He won’t be moving to Germany but considering how long we’ve allegedly spent flirting with this player via the tabloid pages, you sort of half expect Arsenal to glide in and stick if up our Arshavin, much like they did with Zenit’s gem last time out. Although we had washed our hands of that little annoyance long before the scum showed interest and up until this morning we thought the same about KJH – that his wage demands stopped any potential deal from happening.

Bent may as well have gone to China, because he is no nearer joining anyone at the moment. Brilliant strategy from Levy by the way. No, I’m not being sarcastic. He knows we spent £16M on the player and he knows there are several clubs that need a proven Prem scorer (something Bent is, if not something we need as accommodating his weaknesses is detrimental to the way we play). But other clubs will probably aim to play to his strengths, and he’ll score a bundle for them in doing so. Sunderland, Hull and I think even Stoke are sniffing around. Sunderland in particular have had their nose snorting all over Bent for the best part of the summer. And Levy simply won’t accept anything below what he wants, which is possibly around £15M. Which is why Sunderland are still snorting, inviting others to inquire. Brilliant. As long as we actually accept a bid at some point soon. Otherwise my sarcasm will drown the streets of N17, leaving Daniel with only the head of Chirpy to keep afloat above the turbulent sea of disgust.

Bent is off no matter what, but the fact we are looking at KJH suggests either Keane or Pav could be sold on if the right offer is made. Pav is once more linked to Roma. And Keane is being linked to nobody in particular. At a stretch, Aston Villa might look our way. You never know what might happen, even if Harry talks up the current ‘four’ (Defoe, Crouch, Pav, Keane) as being more than enough for him - he'll always look to mix things up. If it's right for the team.

As for Mr Vieira, make what you will of Henry shaking his head and saying no when cornered by Harry and Jamie the other day at Wembley. Apparently he has since come out to state he would never tell Vieira to sign for us. Sounds like he’s more pro-Spurs than he’d like to believe. Thanks for looking after us. In the past few days the stories in the press now suggest that it’s Arsenal who want him to return on a pay-as-you-play deal. Cue some Spurs fans, no doubt, suggesting ‘if he’s good enough to go there, then he’s good enough for us’.

Don't try to justify it.

It’s a desperate move for all involved. Let’s please look elsewhere.

And we can start by looking for cover for Woodgate/King/Dawson. Possibly a young player with potential (do they exist?) who can not only cover but one day replace the mighty King. I know, it’s unlikely we’ll sign someone anywhere near potentially as good as Ledley, but with him still only able to play a game per week and with Woody and Daws out injured – we can do with a CB. Turner at Hull wouldn’t be too bad a deal for us. Bassong is another target that returns into the transfer rota every month, and once more he’s been linked - thanks to our scout being spotted at the Newcastle v Leeds game last night. A game where a certain Leeds youngster (Delp) starred.

One area that has gone back into its state of hibernation is the left-wing conundrum. For now, it would appear that Modric will remain out on the left, drifting in. Thanks largely to the fact that Downing was the last available left-winger on the face of the planet.

I’m gonna stick £5 on Delp being the next Spurs signing. Beyond that, I haven’t a jiffy.