ITK rumours hit a new low

He's been whoring himself in the media talking about being out of contract and willing to listen to offers.

"You want a good chairman and a great manager – it doesn't matter if he is coming into the game or is vastly experienced. You want stability. I'm aware [of interest] and it's nice to know that. I'm sure people come back from their holidays and have a week or two and start to see what they've got and hopefully deals can start moving." - Sol Campbell

The ridiculous is being suggested. Judas. Back to Spurs. On a free.

What next? Benedict Arnold being crowned the 'Greatest American in history'?

It would appear the sun is melting minds as well as ice cream. The ITK rumour suggests we are interested because we wouldn't have to pay a transfer fee. The irony of burns, it burns. All we need now is Sky Andrew to get involved and we're set to go.

Are the ITK moles this desperate to claim prediction gold? He'd never come back. We'd never take him back. It's bullshit. There's more chance of me making made passionate love to Daniel Levy, on a bed made up of copies of the Opus in the centre circle at White Hart Lane wearing nothing but the yellow-streaked home shirt with 'WEST HAM ARE A BIGGER CLUB THAN US' printed on the back.

(To chance. Sorry Dan).

In other related news.

O'Hara is on his way to Fulham and Adel is set to stay and fight for his place. Far more realistic sound-bites, but this is now the 3rd or 4th time the deep throats at the Lane have passed on this information.

The only factual news relates to Zokora, as Sevilla once more (apparently) pull out of a deal.

The perpetual waiting game drags on...