Negredo? Let's hope so

I'm still here. Just. Not leaving for another hour and a bit. Thought I'd share this from the resident Real Madrid fan over at who obviously knows his La Liga inside out. This is an assessment of Negredo, who is being heavily linked as a soon-to-be Tottenham signing:


He is damn good. Product of the Real Madrid youth system. Should be good in the Premier League, IMO. Big, powerful guy who can bully defenders, win every header and a decent finisher in front of goal. Scored 13 goals in 07/08, 19 goals last season, that too while playing in a newly promoted team. If he adapts quickly, he will be dynamite.

Big mistake to sell him, IMO. Real Madrid needs a striker like him who offers something different up front. I hope it doesn't happen.

Fingers crossed it does then.