Vucinic? Jog on mate

We've been linked with 107 players thus far in this transfer window. I'd wager we've either shown genuine interest or inquired in about 12 of them, 15 at a push. But still stories get printed based on either the imagination of tabloid hacks or football agents looking for some promotional space in the sports columns to make everyone aware of their clients possible availability. And everyone treats this as gospel, as part of an never-ending tapestry of truth.

Always makes me smile when a player actually responds to such a story and is quoted spurning the team linked with acquiring his signature, usually with distain and arrogance and a swagger that screams 'how very dare you show interest in me'.

Mirko Vucinic is one such player. I know my football. Outside of England I follow La Liga but I'll hold up my hands and say that Italian football is one interest that faded many years ago. I have not a clue whether this player is any good or if he would adapt to the English game. He could well be the Italian Darren Bent for all I know.

At the moment it's useless to talk about Vucinic because to me he is a nobody, a non-entity, a name printed in the back pages of a newspaper. If we are linked with someone from the continent I'm aware of then we'll see. Obviously there are players I wouldn’t want us to ever seriously consider.

Vucinic? Let's reject him.

I'd be sorry if he left Roma. Best place for him.