How Ruud will Harry be?

With Huntelaar, Higuaín and Negredo - 'van Gol' is surplus to requirements at Real Madrid, even though prior to his injury he was outstanding. You wonder why they wouldn't want to retain the services of one of the best goal-scorers in world football. A goal-scorer that won them La Liga back in '07.

All round play is superb. Holds the ball up well. Can head it. Can goal-poach. Can team play. We all know just how good he is. Whether it was at United or for the White Storm. The reason for the cheap fee is his age (32) and the fact he is set to return from knee surgery again.

Raul it seems is untouchable, which is good news for us. Or anyone else that might be looking for a cheeky bid.

It's not exactly one for the future, but may well be a shrewd effective signing. Davidsesque, but more even more effective on the pitch as well as off it. His presence would bring stability up-front. Whether he partners Keane or Defoe, you can see him fitting in with ease. And you can see him displaying a ruthless appetite in-front of goal. We’ve haven’t quite got back our mojo back since the Keane/Berba break-up last summer.

I won't be upset if this happens. No Spurs fan should be. With Modric pulling the strings and possibly another creative player added to the fold (whether it's on the left-hand side or down the middle) we may well be on a merry jolly in 2010.

But fitness wise, it's a risk. Then again £1.25M is not a lot compared to £16M which is what we usually spend this time of year. So apart from the hefty wage he'll still command, there is little risk. Or maybe there is?

But if he does get injured and Bent has been sold and Pav moved on, we are back to square one.

Although I'm making the assumption that Pav will be moved on. You get the feeling that Hiddink hit the nail on the head citing complacency as the real reason behind Romans average form so not sure how he will regain confidence if he has to sit on the bench for most of the season with the undroppable Keane and RvN upfront. And Harry might get back £10M or so from selling Pav leaving him with plenty of left-overs to use up on other signings. £1.25M is nothing in todays market.

We need four strikers cometh the start of the season. Four that will be willing to work as part of a squad (i.e. no crying when on the bench). So logically if RvN does sign then we’ll start the season with him, Keane, Defoe and Obika. Logically? I did say assumption earlier so let's see how much influence Pav's agent has in the matter and whether Harry really does need to raise those funds.

Conundrum time then for Two Points Eight Games Redknapp. If he’s still manager of Spurs of course. What, you’ve not heard? Milan Mandaric apparently has sent out an army of pigeons to drop off  invitations requesting Harry's return to his spiritual home of Fratton Park. He's got the key to the city you know. We are doomed.

Jesus wept.

Stay tuned for tomorrows exclusive headline: SPURS TO RE-SIGN GARY DOHERTY.

It’s time for the Ginger Pele to come home. Start believing.