Blackwood signs from Arsenal, but is he worth 50 cents?

Bentley via Blackburn.
And now Blackwood. Anton Blackwood.

The 17 year old defender has signed a one year deal from them lot from Woolwich. He travelled with the academy team to Switzerland and played in the final of the Tournoi International trophy against Hajduk split (3-0), even managing to get himself onto the score sheet. The only thing I know about the lad is that he can run 100m in around 11.1 seconds (at least he did so at the age of 14).

Other than that, he joined Arsenal from Northampton but has had injury issues in the past two 'seasons'. He wasn't offered a new contract due to his poor performances.

SPURS TO THE RESCUE! It's a one year contract and apparently its incentive based. We'll see how this one pans out. You have to be a little concerned with us picking up another Arsenal youth reject. But in the grand scheme of things, its a non-story. Although it would be nice if he turned out to be a gem. For larfs.

I guess covering this story was just an excuse to post these pictures of 50 cent in a Toronto shirt with the name Ricketts on the back. Yes, Ricketts. Rohan Ricketts. Remember Rohan? I'm sure you do.

He's apparently a bit of a super-star in the MLS. Which should more or less tells you everything you need to know about the game over the pond.



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