The greatest trick Rocha ever pulled...

....was convincing the world he didn't exist.

And what a grand job he did of it.

Ricardo Rocha has left Tottenham having only ever made 18 apperances for the club. That's 18 games in two and a half years of transitional seasons at the Lane and even when we were down a couple of centre-backs he still never got his chance. I guess, in comparison to Gilberto (who also recently left the least I think he did...was he ever there to start with?) Ricardo was a little more dignified. When he did play he wasn't too shabby. Unlike the Brazilian who was.

Quite a few reserves and academy players have also been released. Ironcially, the same bunch I always free transfer when I take over Spurs in FM2009.

In other news today, Damien Duff has been linked to Spurs.


Seriously, it's only Monday. And we have another week of this transfer gibberish to get through. What we need is a true masterclass in ITK information to get everyone buzzing. Something tasty and realistic.

Let's join hands and pray...