So, did you watch anything decent on the box this evening?

Is this a gloat? I guess technically speaking it is. Although I prefer to quantify it as payback for some of the abuse aimed at me by some Chelsea 'friends' through-out the season relating to our adventures down south in the mire of relegation. So, let's not waste a second more.

Football justice at the Bridge. Hard luck for defending deep over two games, nine players behind the ball and then failing to take control of the game against 10 men who nicked it with their one and only shot on target. Although to be fair, it was a job well done stopping the Catalan goal machine for 181 minutes. And if the decisions had gone their way, it would have made going to work tricky and the tabloid love-in for another all English Utd v Chelsea final completely unbearable.

But praise the lord, for he has given us Tom Ovrebo.

Was the Norwegian referee completely out of his depth? Yeah sure. He got the Barca red card wrong and should have given Chelsea a couple of penalties, if not more. But who cares when his performance gave us the magic of Ballack almost jumping on him in protest and the ironic genius of Drogba chaotically chasing the ref after the final whistle before turning to the Sky camera and crying 'fucking disgrace'. Yes, Drogba, you absolute melter, what a disgrace. I guess the moment was made for you having spent half of your playing career rolling around on the ground, diving and cheating. Dry your eyes and consider what would have been had you taken that one glorious opportunity to make it 2-0. Sleep easy tonight.

What topped it off was the minutes silence from the Sky panel post-match. Jamie Redknapp almost in tears, various suggestions that the referee possibly knew what he was doing when not giving obvious expected decisions out on the pitch. Chelsea hard-done by, thoughts and prayers all round. All in all a wonderful ending to a nights football, illustrating once more the complete lack of dignity and class when defeat is dished out.

Apparently it all kicked off in the tunnel. They really do know how to take it gracefully.