Does Bill Simmons still 'support' Tottenham?

Out of the blue, I've just had one of those blasts from the past moments. Back in the summer of 2006, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons began his search for a EPL club to support. Staggeringly, he chose Tottenham (just clicky on this to read his concluding notes) probably inspired by one of his readers who suggested, "If you want a team that will absolutely crush your spirit, you must support Spurs". Simmons obviously loves the eternal struggle of an underdog and the romance of us being named after a Shakespearian character.

Not too sure what happened after this. I was expecting weekly updates during the season as he followed us on another transitional mess. I think in the end I give us much attention to it as he did to us.

I guess it was all just a summer fling, a flirtation with limey football that came to nothing much. In fact, I'm certain that he later changed his mind and regretted his decision citing that he should have chosen Newcastle United instead. Yep, Newcastle. He knows his shit does Bill.

Bill, if you read this may I suggest Chelsea as your next port of call?