Bentley you're my zero....I mean hero...

Morning all. The DML Awards continue...


Player of the Season

It’s like something out of a comic book or the tv show Heroes. The main protagonist has lost his powers and is disillusioned and alone. Past glories a distant memory, doubts lingering as to whether he'll be able to regain his talent. And then a new beacon of hope takes centre stage and surely now the day is lost. But alas, this new dashing superman is more zero than hero. And with the centre stage empty again, our protagonist decides its now or never and reaches out for the bright lights, reclaiming that which was his all along. A star is re-born.

The menacing pace. The unplayable jinking runs. It's suddenly clear to all that his full abilities have returned.

Aaron Lennon is back.

With intent and purpose. And with improved end product and an eye for goal. Whether its on the right or left or through the middle, ball at feet, he causes havoc and is altogether a different type of creative outlet than the more subtle craftwork of the cultured Modric. Aaron is far more in your face and then in front of your face and then about five metres ahead of your face. Counter-attacking has never been so much fun.

Harry still has work to do with developing the lads composure and decision making and there is no doubt he has to improve his final ball - but the signs that progression has been made are there for all to see.

He is the player of the season for us simply because he has epitomised the type of determination that has pulled us out of the mire and up the table. Where the £15M Bentley has stalled, Lennon has raced away. Confident and assured. Always threatening. Bums constantly off seats, when he's full pelt.

We have been here before with Lennon. Last time out he failed to live up to the hype. He now has to do just that otherwise it's not just him that will suffer the consequences.

Goal of the Season

Sit down, buckle up. Because you're about to read something that would constitute positively in the way of David Bentley. The goal - the opening goal - in the thrilling 4-4 derby day classic at the Emirates was one of ridiculous audacity. It's one of those attempts that hits the back of the net because destiny will not allow otherwise. There's no way its not going to be a goal. The flick and the hit and the second before it happened is where this beauty of a strike was birthed. As the ball was bouncing around on peoples heads in the middle of the park and found its way towards Bentley, what raced through his mind?

"I'll have a crack. If it goes in, it goes in"
"He's off his line, I could lob the ball over him"

I prefer to believe nothing much went through his head. Which arguably most would agree is the standard brain activity of most footballers.

Bentley instinctively shot towards goal because in that moment he knew he could score. You've done it yourself I'm sure. Goal of your life on the Hackney Marshes when you've chested it, controlled and hit it and next thing you know its breaking the back of the net and you wheel off in celebration asking yourself, 'how the heck did I just do that?'

The moment Bentley thought about doing it is the moment he scored. Before the ball even left his foot. It was a majestic wonderful moment. And sweet for the fact that he once played for them lot and is always prone to a bit of abuse from their home support.

If he never plays for us again, at least he left us with the memory of a goal that left all that witnessed it gob smacked.


More to follow...