If Fergie wants to play the kids, let him play the kids

The final weekend of the season is almost upon us. Hoping we get a decent result up at Anfield, but I won't be crying if we lose. It's been a ridiculous season and I'm more than happy with our finish and looking forward already to the start of next season. The summer will no doubt be a rollercoaster with the rumours of comings and goings that will clog up the blogs and forums as we frantically await official word of where our season ticket money is being spent.

In the mean time we can all sit back and enjoy the relegation scrap and it's aftermath. You know, the one that fans of all other clubs were hoping we'd be stuck in. Except we're not. Not even two points from eight games could stop us leaving the rot behind.

Sunderland, Hull, Newcastle and Boro are the not so fortunate ones. The same ones crying (minus Hull) about Man Utd possibly looking to field a 'weakened' team and how they might sue if Ferguson does just that and Hull stay up.

Yes. Sue. Because it's Man Utd's fault that the likes of Newcastle and Sunderland have been utterly shit for months and are at the bottom of the table because of the countless games they have failed miserably to win and thus not accumulating enough points for Prem safety. They are bottom because that's as good as they deserve based on performances. Why should Utd care about Hull away when they have Barcelona in Rome next week? They have the right to do anything they want. They've earnt it. But there's the wee little FA rule about always fielding 'your strongest side'. Which is contentious because they could argue (if they play kids) it is their strongest side with the Champs League final in mind.

I hope Hull dick over Utd regardless rendering everything else insignificant.

It would mean I can settle down and bask in the knowledge that next season Match of the Day will be viewable without you know who smugging his way through the program in that ultra-bland monotone moan that has me head butting the tv.

Yes. After a prolonged 'Let's Relegate Newcastle' campaign to see them go down, not because of any hatred towards their fans or their history or anything else other than the fact that I do not like Alan Shearer. And for that matter, neither do I like people of similar ilk to Mike Ashley. A man who tries to endear himself to the Newcastle faithful by downing pints and wearing black and white when in reality he's just another ego that has failed to grasp the concept of what it means to run a football club. Two words sum it all up: Dennis Wise.

Debt clearance aside, it's been shambolic. From the Keegan debacle to leaving Chris Hughton (I wonder if he reads this blog?) in charge for so long and for the appointment of old skool Joe Kinnear before opting for someone who probably would not have taken the job if there were 15 games to play rather than 8 - as failure in that scenario would be a little more tricky to worm out of - legend or no legend.

Almost makes me forgive Levy for his indecisions and cock-ups which seem irrelevant in comparison.

Regardless of my hopes and aspirations, something tells me that Newcastle won't go down leaving me with a win-win situation. I guess in this paralysing scenario I may still come out ironically victorious as Shearer may opt to stay on as boss and thus leave me with a smugless Match of the Day without his dreary punditry which will give me time to concentrate on MotD2 and trying to understand what Adrian Chiles is saying because even with the volume turned up to full whack on a surround sound system all I hear coming out of his mouth his whispers. It's like the man has a black hole in his mouth that sucks in all sound waves leaving only lip-readers with the ability to comprehend his introductions to highlights.

If anyone can provide transcripts, I'd be grateful.