Harry booze ban threat? Pull the other one, then just pull us a pint...

Booze ban at the Lane? Ledley King will be a popular lad at training. It's reminiscent to when Ramos banned ketchup and attempted to regulate the players diet with a strict regime. It all ended in tears.

I'm not sure how much of this 'banning booze' statement Harry has made is just PR fluff to soften the brutal blow received to the clubs public image or possibly even an indirect warning to the rest of the squad to behave themselves going forward. Let's face it, banning booze completely is unlikely. Moderate consumption will always be allowed. Can you really see players going out on a Saturday night and not drinking? Tom Huddlestone and Aaron Lennon are probably still recovering from the heart palpitations experienced when that very thought entered their minds.

If it is banned then we might reap the benefits on the pitch. Boozing every weekend can't help much, if that's all they ever do.

As for King, plenty of aftermath gossip about his arrest. Obvious exaggerations and bullshit interpretations of what happened on the night including some clichéd sound bites surrounding his stay in a police cell overnight (he cried, he stated he was rich, he slept…..shocking stuff). Once more, not defending King for acting the dick, but how many blatant kiss'n'tell money-grabbing attempts ('my face was bruised' - really? Do bruises vanish over night then?) do we have to listen to before this story disappears? Court case is in July, so I guess that answers my question.

"I play for Tottenham, you play for fat Gerard"
- This has to be the quote of the whole incident, straight from the mouth of Ledders, that somehow equates to belittling Steven Gerrard (if you go with the tabloid assessment) when in fact it's a reference to Rafa resembling his predecessor (with an additional few pounds). I might have that completely wrong. Maybe he thought Gerard Houllier is still the gaffer at Anfield. That's some night out.

No wonder he doesn't train between games. He's probably refused admission into The Lodge.

Regardless, two points. Firstly, as drunk as Ledders was, well done that man for being able to clock a Liverpool supporter and attempt to shout him down with some football banter. Secondly, so drunk was King, he makes the assumption that someone with a Liverpool tattoo must therefore play for the club. Pure gold that.

Surely on £83,000 a week (allegedly) you could just stay in doors and bring the party to your home. I know I would.

Playstation 3. Dial-an-Escort-girl. Pizza.

Guaranteed fun. Guaranteed women. Food delivered to door.

The good life.