King: "Do you know who I am?"

Ledley King. If you had his knees you'd be drowning your sorrows every night. He has an unwanted habit of attracting this type of attention far too often, but I’m loving how the bouncer can't wait to get himself on tv to be interviewed about it.

We all know Ledley likes a drink. He’s been photographed four times since the Carling Cup final, falling out of nightclubs smashed out of his head, trousers down at his ankles. It’s a mess to look at. Whether it has something to do with the fact that he knows he probably doesn’t have that much time left in the game thanks to his dodgy knees is a distinct possibility and it makes for sad reading. More so because Ledley comes across as a shy quiet type of bloke, but I guess that’s rather irrelevant when you mix it up with alcohol.

Then again, he might just like a drink. Though a few years back, you never read about him getting into trouble outside night clubs.

It’s obviously not good news that he’s been arrested for ABH and any lesser player for the club would probably have the book thrown at him. In fact a lesser player, committing this type of offence on the back of other night club incidents would probably be in serious trouble.

As for the incident itself, even though King really has to sort himself out I’m inclined to believe it’s all been blown out of proportion just a little bit. ABH could simply constitute some pushing around. It’s not like blood was drawn. Not that I’m defending the act. But the doorman/bouncer doesn’t come across as a victim to me, sitting there with half a grin on his face being interviewed by Sky News. If King did make those racist remarks then it’s inexcusable. Was that not caught on someones mobile phone? And how does a bouncer allow a drunk to 'beat him up'?

Apparently he has a sore head.

Expect him to turn up in the tabloids being interviewed and paid plenty. Apparently he didn’t recognise King and had to be told who he was. I’m sure at that point he knew he had scored a blinder. I mean, for someone who has been ‘attacked’ he sure got himself in front of a tv camera quick enough.

As for King, if he did come out with the textbook classic ‘Do you know who I am?’ comment, then again shame on him.

Footballers, across the country, get smashed out of their heads every weekend. Much like most people who go out on the town. Doesn’t take much to get into a scuffle. Especially with a doorman. The trick is to retain some type of dignity and walk away or just not get yourself into that type of situation in the first place. But he is obviously in no fit state to know when to walk away when refused admission.

It’s ridiculous to have to chaperone him, but he obviously needs someone there who can control their drinking to make sure he doesn’t get himself kicked out of clubs or refused entry. He obviously doesn’t do half measures.

If Ledley wants to continue playing surely boozing it after a game is the last thing he should be doing. Stick your feet up and rest man. The club need to take some type of responsibility here. King also needs to accept there’s a problem.

Someone should have a word with him a while back, but somehow it’s looking more and more like Ledley is drowning his sorrows and the club are allowing him to do so because before you know it, he’ll have hang up his boots. He still has football in his life. He should be doing his best to keep it that way.

I know who you are Ledders. A top top player. With a horrid taste in nightclubs.