Spurs Soccer Wednesday – midweek round-up

The aftermath of a West Ham game is always (usually) a joy. If I applied myself I could probably write up a dissertation on the complexities of opposing football fan rivalry. Especially the one that exists between Spurs and the Hammers. We claim the game is their Cup final and that they are obsessed with us. They claim that we are so self-important that we believe in the misconception that we think they are obsessed with us. I’m not going to go down this road again as it’s long been drowned in a sea of stereotypes. But will note it’s nice to listen to all their excuses including the gem about not having the luxury of removing a £16M forward and replacing him with a £14M international. Shame on us.

Talking of widely expensive players, remember David Bentley? Scored a brace for the reserves against Arsenal the other night. Perhaps we need to replace goals with skips for when he runs out for the first team?

As for goals, Pavlychenko has had to wait patiently for an opportunity in recent games, coming off the bench to score the winner against the Irons. Fighting talk from the Russian (in Russian) about self belief and getting himself back into the fold. Pav’s interpreter still apparently runs up and down the sidelines barking out translations. Harry, not missing a trick, told the press he (the interpreter) even scored a goal in training. That Redknapp cracks me up. I know if an English player moved to Russia he’d perhaps struggle to learn Russian, but no doubt he’d muddle through thanks to the fact that English is used so widely the world over. If he still can’t speak it at the start of next season, or at least speak enough to get him by, then sympathy will be non-existent from me. Pav, Keane, Defoe with an additional ‘young player’ as the 4th option (with Bent sold) will do the trick. But I get this nagging feeling that if Sunderland go down, Jones will sign which means Pav will be moved on. Just a feeling. Can't see Harry 'not tinkering' here and there.

One player going nowhere is Aaron Lennon. Congratulations to the lad for being nominated for PFA Young Player of the Year. He’s up against Agbonglahor, Evans, Ireland, Rafael and Young. Has a decent chance IMO, but reckon Young or Ireland will get the nod. Aaron and Spurs are at the same cross-road they found themselves at a couple of years back. Not quite a flat tire this time round, just stalled. Harry has talked about the stagnation of Lennon’s progress and that previous coaches have failed to develop him. He's taking the credit for it but improving end product has to be the continuing priority along with some additional smarts, like telling him to run into midfield and attack centrally when he finds himself isolated or trapped out on the wing. There is still plenty of work to be done. I’m not concerned too much by his drop of form. It’s been a long season and he’s been fairly consistent. He’s bound to tire out at some point.


Two points, eight games.


Huddlestone has been linked to a move away from the club. Again. I touched on this in the match report for the West Ham game. Prior to that game Harry was telling everyone that Tom is a decent player and blah blah blah. Tom then starts the game and after the victory dust settles we are treated to countless reports that Tom ‘might need to look elsewhere for first team football’. An almost perfectly orchestrated transfer shop window advert. Fulham was one club I heard linked in the midst of the tabloid tatter. Probably wouldn’t be that bad of a move for him. He needs a club that will accommodate his strengths and compensate for his weakness. In other words, build a team around him. He needs to be loved.

Which brings me onto Jamie O’Hara. Jamie, Jamie, Jaime. Tut tut tut. Is he the 5th or 6th professional footballer that Danielle Lloyd has now bagged? Is there a shortage of women in the capital? Do footballers always opt for high maintance reality tv celebs for girlfriends because nice ordinary girls next door simply wouldn’t venture out to Faces or China White? Defoe has already been there. I guess Lloyd’s pocket-money from O’Hara won’t be as substantial as what JD could offer but she’s keeping it in the family, so no need to fret where the next Gucci shopping trip will come from. I’m guessing the cash she gets from posing for Nuts Magazine only covers the Jimmy Choo bill.

That’s it for the moment. Thanks for your patience, the blog has gone through some transformations over the Easter weekend. Apparently some of you prefer the old blue background and white text over the all white background. I reckon you’ll get use to it. I will however play around with the colours and see if a blue background works just as well on this template as it did on the previous host.