Another massive massive game

Everton away. Considering how Villa and City got on yesterday and the fact that if we're serious about competing for a top 4 place - I can't see anything less than 3 points as being an acceptable result today. King of the understatements. Everton are depleted.

Heitinga (suspended).

Anichebe, Areta, Jagielka, Neville, Vaughan all injured.

Distin, Gosling, Yobo, Jo, Osman...all doubtful.

I'll be disappointed if we go there, under-perform and lose. I'll be disappointed if we go there and fail to capitalise on their plight. I'll be disappointed if we don't win convincingly. I'm not asking for the moon on a stick here. Show the same intent we had in the Villa (second half) game, and we'll be all smiles come the final whistle.

Big test of our mental strength this. Considering the lack of sustained effort against the Utd reserves in the cup. Take the game to them, boss possession and pick 'em off. There's no doubt Moyes will have his side giving it 100% so - if you abide by the Laws of Hope - you'd think we'd be able to tell our class show.

As for Harry, who's he gonna  pick? Huddlestone or Jenas? Keane or Crouch?

I'll start Huddlestone and let him quarter-back his way through the game, spraying balls to his hearts content. Niko has to be certainty. And personally, I'd stick Crouchie up front with JD and let the Everton defence worry about the tall man little man combo.

This season is going to be tight, and these are the types of tests we need to pass with flying colours.

COYS and all that jazz.

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