Rovers v Spurs: Fight for your right to party

Time for the truth. No, I'm not talking about the Dublin unofficial Christmas-do. That was yesterdays news. The only thing of importance is how we follow up the comfortable 3-0 home against Manchester City with a win today, away to Blackburn. This game and our next one against Fulham are quite possibly season defining. Not forgetting West Ham before 2009 closes. Okay, too much with the dramatics there, but maximum points will go along way with cementing belief and progress going into the New Year. Last time up at Rovers, we led until the 82nd minute. And lost the game in the 89th. No thanks to the ref sending Wilson off, but it had similar foundations that collapsed so epically away to Everton recently. So that olde question about mental strength is about to be asked once more.

Swift sharp answer please.

Our 'rivals' all have very winnable games, so pressure on. As ever.

Won't be an easy one. Probably won't be too pretty either. And without a doubt a game where players will be required to step up. Dollops of leadership from all areas of the pitch. Tactically, I'm sure Blackburn have plans to suffocate the supply from the midfield to Lennon out hugging the touchline. All eyes on how Harry deals with any potential 'job' done on both Azza and of course our talisman, Niko.

Talking of which, Modric wont be watching from the bench. Precautionary (ankle injury) I'm sure. King on his way back also, but doubt we'll see a change in the back four - which did very well with coping with City in midweek (as limp as they were).

No room for southern powder-puff up in the gritty north. Key for me is Palacios. Need him to be at his brick-wall best and hopefully not too wasteful with his distribution. Fact is, there is no way to predict it. Such is our consistent inconsistency.

Meant to be snowing/freezing up there (much like most of the country at the moment). Add Big Sam's brand of stench football to the mix and we're in for a fight. Won't be easy, they won't make it easy. It's pretty much another test of character and one that has to have the conclusion of cutting edge.

I like Tottenham, even with our blips. The blips are self-inflicted mind blocks blinding us momentarily. They can be corrected and avoided altogether. We are not getting out played by anyone. We are bossing possession and if we're not (in the course of a game) we still have enough about us to create chances. We are sort of on auto-pilot. Which is not ideal. It's time for some control.

Dig deep. Dictate. Retain the ball. Pick off the opposition. Kill the game off.

Over to you Tottenham. It's time for an audacious plot, planned with military precision. The objective? Three points.