Quote of the Day

"I've been telling JJ recently to surge forward with the ball," Sherwood says. "He can run. He's a threat. If he stands there and just passes the ball I could still play against him now, so I got out the DVD and showed him what happens when he bursts forward.

"Tom is another one. Pre-season was a real eye-opener because we saw that he can actually move, that he's fit and he can get about the pitch. People say he can't play in a 4-4-2 but he can. In fact, he's perfect for that because he gets more room to show his range of passing."

From Tim Sherwood, via this Telegraph article.

Give him a shirt number and stick him in the team.

If anyone has evidence regarding Tim's second quote about Huddlestone moving, please e-mail me the details. Ta. And I'm not talking about Hudd moving through the driveway at McDonalds. Got those pics already.