Henry 3:16 says I just handballed

I'm still KO'ed from a horrid bout of man-flu. So no 10,000 word editorals from me today. Instead, a copy and paste job citing me old mucker Enter the Pitbull from the Glory Glory forum.


Henry is a poisonous, villainous cockbag without a shred of human decency or kindness, and only the brilliance of his footballing abilities coupled with the media's desire to suck off any top 4 product has covered up his true deceitful nature.


Someone give me a hell yeah...

Henry, in his interview, seems to suggest the ball hit his arm/hand and he simply played on. The ball touching your hand is a little different from the ball being caressed on purpose to keep it in play. Watch his interview and the way he laughs it all off. Wonderful example of displacement of responsibility going on. Class act is Henry.