Bolton v Spurs: Never say never

Stat attack.

Tottenham have NEVER won at the Reebok Stadium in nine visits, losing six, and Bolton have taken more points (29) and scored more goals (27) against them than any other side.

Further, Bolton have won eight of the last 13 PL meetings and always seem to score against Spurs at home in the League - they have scored in the last 32 games and last failed to do so 86 years ago.

Biggest game in our history this. Defoe may or may not be available after his finger dislocation. Keane won't be dropped, so Crouch will probably start. Which isn't too shabby. Hudd possibly still slotting in at the back although Awesome Daws is due for a return to the side. Gareth 'the destroyer of hoodoos' Bale will also be hungry for more first team action. I basically haven't got a clue what Harry will do. Then again, it depends if he's still our manager by the time the game kicks-off, you know, cause he's gonna leave/be cautioned/sacked/arrested any time soon. Any minute now. Keep your eye on the Interweb. In 3..2..1..

We've got a woeful woeful record against this mob. A win here with a two week international break ahead of us would be rather welcoming as it will keep us up at the 'top' with Luka now only weeks away from a return. A defeat, well, it all depends on how we lose if that's to be our destiny. Lose it in a gutless way and those age old questions about frailty will return. Then again there's nothing strange about having a bogey team. But its more than tiresome losing to the anti-football that is the Bolton.

A win won't mean we are about to crack the Top 4. But bucking the trend and winning when we're expected to lose is a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Bolton are not exactly the Big Sam version these days. But they will still get in and push us about at the back, so we need to be as big and bad as them with the rough stuff and then just look to brush them aside with a bit of that swanky Total football stuff we can play every now and again.

1 win so far in the Challenge Spurs™ series. Two out of two thank you please.