Morning Spurs fans...

Roman Pavlyuchenko. Apparently has 'psychological problems' which is the reason for his lack of form. Well thank you very much Roman's agent for confirming that when a player leaves his homeland and travels to a new country, struggles to learn the language, lives out of a hotel for most of the first season he is here, needs an interpreter to bark out translations of basic touchline instructions, suffers from fatigue and is never anywhere near 100% fit which further effects form, has a whole summer to recover but doesn't get to start many games resulting in further loss of confidence and therefore his form remains stagnated and frustrating as he still appears to be the same 'player' he was from last season. So yes, Roman is a little depressed. Thank you for pointing this out. And for your next trick? You'll go more than two weeks without making a statement to the press. Yeah right.

How about Mr Agent stops telling us that Pav might leave and start to look at a genuine possible transfer away come Jan instead of churning out the same complaints over and over again? Can't blame Pav at all to be fair. We should never have signed him in the first place, and much like Darren Bent - it's not the right way to be spending our money. You can't expect to have these players perform at a top level if they don't play week in and week out. The ghost of Comolli continues to haunt us.


Sandro is flattered in Tottenham's interest. I'm beginning to think this deal has either happened/is happening/will happen. I've got the finger on the pulse me. Some ITK's are claiming its done and dusted. IMO, this is the type of signing we should be making. Sure, it’s a risk because he's Brazilian, but he's young and eager to impress and more importantly, he is a perfect under-study for Palacios. If we have any money left in the kitty, it should be spent on a DM. Not sure Jamie O'Hara is a long term solution to our midfield cover. And the other popular targets are proving to be a little too expensive (Sissoko is still being quoted at a ridiculous price). I can't think of anyone based in the EPL who would be a decent alternative. Feel free to suggest one if you disagree.


Robbie Keane. Does he have to open his mouth pre-NLD every season, spitting out sound bites that do nothing but aid the enemy? We are definitely on par with them, says Robbie. Our bench is stronger than their bench he claims. That's fine except its probably not. And at the moment our treatment table is stronger than our first team line-up. No Lennon or Modric on Saturday. Woodgate is a doubt and no official word on King yet. Defoe is still suspended. Which means we shall be pinning our hopes on our second string. Maybe Arsenal should make it a fair contest by playing their kids. You know, their kids. The ones that are eternally youthful with each passing season and although their names sometimes change you never quite know where they go when they pass 26 years of age and are no longer classed as kids by Sky Sports and the tabloids. Did you see 'the kids' last night against old man Liverpool? Fabianski, Silvestre, Gilbert, Senderos, Gibbs, Nasri, Bendtner, Eduardo. The backbone of youthful Arsenal, inexperienced, baptised in the fountain of youth. What's that? What about the three teenagers who started and the further two teenagers who came on as subs? Oh right, yes. Unbelievable stuff. Teenagers? Playing first team football? In modern day football? Has the world gone mad?