New Spurs stadium = Majestic

Credit to the chairman. Majestic, no? It's got an understated swagger to it. Modern yet still manages to retain a traditional boxed in look, aided no doubt by the fact the stands are closer to the pitch (in comparison to other newly built stadia).

Levy. I could almost kiss you, you wonderful bald munchkin you. This is testament to managing a redevelopment project by listening to the fans. Great work from everyone involved. I'm all giddy over here.

Reduced capacity because of the amendments made to the design? Just about 'ok' with me. 70,000 registered members. 23,000 waiting for the chance to apply for a season ticket. Perhaps we could have done with a few less exec boxes at both sides of the 'Kop' end. The more fans, the bigger the atmosphere and the bonus gloating rights to be able to sing about how our one is bigger than yours. But let's face it, we will sell out most games anyway. And better a packed ground than one with 5,000 or so empty blue seats. Last thing we want is radio adverts begging day-trippers to buy up tickets.

Corporate boxes are a modern day requirement (from a financial stand point I guess) and their 'section' looks quite inoffensive. Probably would have made it far nearer the 60k mark if we had less of them. Posh Tarquins tucking into their glazed ribs and chilled champagne in the luxury of their boxes is fine, thanks to the fact that the rest of the ground will be vibrant with us commoners. Considering the noise we make (ear bleeding levels innit?) at White Hart Lane, we'd probably tear a hole in the space time continuum when 50,000 Lilywhites slow sing Oh When the Spurs go marching in...

As for the above artists impression, loving that 63 row single tier stand. I can see myself standing bang in the middle of that beauty. Hopefully the Park Lane lot get shifted into that stand when the move eventually happens. Although it's more likely that we'll be in the opposite stand near the away fan section. If that's the case then fingers crossed the single tier end is more than just a family stand (aka Paxton II).

Also. Please get rid of that clock.

More details and pictures can be found on the Tottenham site.

Now all we need is a decent sponsor for the 'name' of the new stadium. Shame really that there are no loyal traditionalist millionaire Spurs fan(s) who can simply pay the club to name the ground something apt like...

The Bill Nicholson.

...and avoid the necessity to have a brand name plastered all over it. But then again that's just a fanciful daydream on my part. Still, here's hoping we get a statue of the great man. Would look great at the front of the new stadium.

Yes. I want the moon on a stick too.