Harry doesn't rate you, or you.....or you

Harry Redknapp, the undeniable high priest of man-management and media handling. Right?


Our 'arry is at it again. When things don't go quite right, he always seems to deflect attention onto someone else. He does so in a manner that doesn't allow much room for any fingers to be pointed in his direction. Not that Darren Bent was blameless on Sunday against Pompey. He missed a sitter. A nailed on back of the net winning goal. We all saw it. Everyone at the game and everyone watching it at home. So is there really a need for a manager to further highlight this as emphatically as our 'arry has done? I can almost imagine Bent getting a pie in his face after returning to the dressing room at full time.

Maybe a simple 'It happens sometimes, he'll bounce back' would have sufficed instead of the 'unbelievable' description he tagged the miss with. We all know it was bad, we don't need additional commentary on it, and neither does Darren Bent.

I'm sure 'arry was critical of Match of the Day 2 host Adrian Chiles a while back concerning the coverage of Gomes on the programme. Chiles would highlight 'mistakes' made by Gomes every week, regardless if the Brazilian retained a clean sheet or played well. Redknapp wasn't best pleased.

And our 'arry has followed up his public criticism of Bent by having a dig at Cesar Sanchez, our reserve goalkeeper who is subject to various 'Does he actually exist?' forum discussions. 'arry doesn't rate him and has made this clear to all but stating that he is looking for someone who is good enough for first team football.

He refers to him as the 'Spanish goalkeeper'.

Well in there Mr Redknapp. No need to stop with Cesar (that's his name 'arry....C E S A R). Any plans on outing Gareth Bale and David Bentley as both being completely out of form and lacking in assured belief and confidence? Maybe you could phone up Sky Sports News and tell them you think both players are complete pants and you'd even consider playing Joe Jordan as an alternative you're that frustrated.

Unbelievable, no?


As much as I've personally been critical of the effort and urgency of some of our players, draining further confidence from players who have very little is not the right thing to do in public.