Jenas to Inter? Scoff.

Apparently his admiration for Bale and JJ dates back six months when the Daily Telegraph asked him to take part in their Fantasy Football league. He picked the both of them.

Once more, I applaud the nations tabloids, broadsheets and Sky Sports News for re-inventing old news. Does nobody confirm quotes and comments drafted up for print? Or perhaps it's the old nudge nudge wink wink, '......print this and I'll buy you a pint' favour journos do for football agents to help add weight to something that doesn't quite exist.

Jose hinted that the 'quotes' have resurfaced because someone might just be interested in one of his players. I'd prefer not to do the maths on this with regards to where the story got it's re-birth from. You know. Because of the Adriano rumours.

At least it gave us all something to write about, debating how Jenas must be more than decent if the Special One wants him in his side and that us fans are blinded by our lack of true in-game knowledge and know-how that leaves us without sight of just how vital JJ is to the midfield. Riiiiiiight.

Someone needs to follow-up and ask Jose if he's transferred JJ and Bale out of his team since July and who he's replaced them with? Might be a story in there for the red tops.