Jose flirts with Jenius

Palacios is almost done and dusted. And the madness of this transfer window continues, this time with the Special One, Jose, telling us all the way from Milan (via Sky Sports News) that he wants Jenas. This following on from some rather nice comments made about Gareth Bale (as good as Ashley Cole apparently).

So, what gives with Mourinho? Someone spike his morning cup of coffee?

Every manager, Spurs or England, appear to rate Jermaine, whilst opposing fans and the Spurs faithful laugh and pull their hair out respectively. All the potential to be the next Gerrard. Has the energy, the athleticism but lacks the most important factor of them all. Arrogance. Jenas has no confidence or self-belief. And the comfort of White Hart Lane has nullified and stagnated any chance of development, though arguably, there was never any guarantee he would make the steps up to international class and then world class - especially in the comfort zone that is White Hart Lane. Believe that you are outstanding and you tend to be fairly outstanding in performance, more so in the case of someone like Lampard than a Bentley. You need the ability in the first place. Lampard believes his own hype. Bentley's hype is mis-guided. So does Jenas have 'that ability'? Is there a chance he can tap into it?

Gerrard is on another level. Penthouse apartment. Gold taps in the bathroom. But most would say Jenas is lost somewhere in the underground car-park, alone and scared.

So why does Jose, along with all other managers who have worked with Jenas, rate him so highly? Are his strengths invisible to the eyes of run-of-the-mill football fans? Does Jose believe he can coax out the Gerrard in Jenas and push him to the level Lampard plays at? Probably. If one person can take potential (Joe Cole) and turn it to gold, Jose can.

£20M should do the trick.