Palacios again

Palacios. What is it with every player being priced up around the £15M mark? I guess they see us mugs coming from a mile away. It's Spurs. They don't pay a penny less for a player. What is utterly insane is that we are probably going to fork out the cash for this one.

That's a player who cost Wigan £1M (actually, probably about 750,000k to be exact). But for the sake of argument, let's round it off to £1M, because it makes it easy to then say Wigan want 14 times as much money as they parted with 12 months ago.

How does that even make sense?

Over at Eastlands, incredibly, it looks like Kaka might actually join City. Regardless of whether its because his dad is going to earn a cool 35 million euros (allegedly) from the transfer (baby Jesus would approve) how exactly is it right for a player like Kaka to turn his back on AC Milan and sign for Manchester City? Football is imploding. There are some things that should never happen in football, and this is one of them.

RIP. Thoughts and prayers for the beautiful game.