Who's brave enough to wear Lilywhite?

Not that many it would appear.

Roman Bednár has been linked. He's the one scoring the goals for WBA. Tidy player for a club like WBA. But I get the raziaks when I start to considering these type of signings as the answer to our problems. Not that I didn't get the raziaks when we signed Bent and placed all our eggs on Pav's head (which explains his lack of movement).

Elsewhere, Real Madrid have appeared to lost interested in signing Jenas. Possibly admitting defeat when they discovered Wigan are interested (Madrid will have to do with Ronaldo so tough luck). From the Spurs perspective, its us who want a Wigan player (Palacios) and want to swap JJ and cash for him. Everton also linked in a £3.5M for our midfield Jenuis. Which is laughable. Hot air is worth much more than that, thanks to the mugs who would pay out twice us much. Sorry, what's that? Oh yeah. He plays for Spurs already.

Levy has rejected a £8M bid for Bent. This the same Darren Bent who had a storming pre-season, did nothing for ages, re-discovered his form and played for England, then lost it again and now looks dis-interested. Can't play upfront with Pav (and vice-versa) and probably won't play all that well with Defoe (who struggles to play well with any player in white, apart from Mido. Is he available?).

If that’s not enough, how about Adriano for Bale? Thank you to The Sun for posh people, the Daily Mail for that particular transfer nugget.