Spurs win the Desperation Derby

Newcastle 1 Spurs 2

Sorry for the delay in posting this blog. I've been out celebrating our win. Only just got back.


Worst game ever? Possibly, at least when referring to the opening 45 mins. Two teams devoid of direction and confidence, labouring towards sleep paralysis. I switched off after 20mins, fleetingly going back to the game in the vein hope of something. Anything. This was the de-evolution of football, live on Sky Sports - with additional anti-Spurs commentary by their resident pro-Arsenal commentator.

Oh yes. We were shit. But somehow, getting the brunt of the negativity simply because we had more of the possession is a tad mis-placed. Enough of the sympathy for Newcastle, who were kicking lumps out of us. Feel free to laugh at them.

Our tactic was far more subtle. We moved sideways and backwards. It's like we've had the imagination drained out of us. Lobotomised and useless. But then when the 19th team in the Prem host the 20th - that's crisis club v bottom of the lot - a 'classic' is the least expected outcome. This was bad non-league football on display. And if neutrals were not switching off the 19,000 who turned up to see this were regretting not staying away.

Gio livened things up when he came on. He defied the world of footballing science (as displayed by us and the opposition) by moving 'forwards' with the ball. Revolutionary! Pav notched up a goal. O'Hara deserved his fortunate 'winner' for the effort he put in. Lennon again was full of purpose. So there were some positives.

But all we did was beat a poor team. We didn't thrash them. Or out play them. Or swagger. We did enough to win. As ugly as it was.

Play like this at Pompey and we might just get smacked. Yes I know they have been spanked recently, and we have a decent record down there, but we really aren't very good at the moment.

How many Spurs players do you have in your fantasy football team?


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