And it's goodbye from me

Next couple of weeks will be interesting to say the least. Not sure when the Prem are set to comment on the Spurs dossier about Utd's shenanigans, but should be fun seeing them dismiss Levy's evidence as heresay. Barcelona are sniffing around Berbatov if you believe the rumours. I'd be happy to take a £5M hit by selling him to the Catalans rather than Utd. No news on Keane. He's still out in Spain with the first team squad. Although a wonderful quote from a fan out there in the sun, who asked Robbie if he was going anywhere, to which our Orish magican replied 'the changing room'. Berbatov is also still out in Spain looking his usual moody self. I'm waiting for him to light a cigar mid-training and blow smoke in Ramos face.

TT has joined Sunderland. Sad to see him go although not overly disappointed. Good squad player but injured far too easily and not good enough to command a first team place. Chimbonda is hopefully next to go (if he hasn't already). No news on Steed or Kaboul at the time of writing.

We could still do with another defender and DM but all the fans and media are concerned about is the possible replacements for the departing Keane and Berbatov.

Arshavin is the one being touted. I still think he won't come to us, if only because he has aspirations to play for a club (other than his current one) which is in the Champs League and a little bit more famous. He obviously fancies himself a bit more due to recent performances so Barca would be a bigger fish than the lickle Spurs trout.

As for the rest of the targets, take your pick from any number of Spanish based players. And Bentley still isn't a done deal (we apparently offered £9M for him - which is probably a decent valuation). Rover's want double that.

I'm off now for 2 weeks, sunning it up abroad. So no internet access for me. I'll have to rely on the red top tabloids each morning to keep me apprised of what's going on. Oh the joy of being free of the shackles of message boards.

See you all on the other side.