Without a single word of denial from Spurs, and the rumourwhores of Liverpool salivating at the prospect of yet another forward joining Rafa's eternal revolution - it's time to say goodbye to Robbie Keane. There, I said it. Unless this is the mother of all smokescreens, I can't see Robbie in anything other than a red shirt next season, cartwheeling in front of an ecstatic Kop.

Are we a selling a club? Technically, yes....and no. We don't sell players because we have to, we sell them because we have no choice. Probably one and the same thing, but what I mean is - Keane wouldn't be shifted in any other circumstances. As loyal and settled as he is at WHL, the second he realises there's a chance of instant Champs League football he (any player) will move on. Worked for Carrick. Liverpool is possibly the highest level in the Prem Keano can play for.

I can only hope that Spurs bring in a player that's as good or better than him, because he's gonna leave a hole the size of N17 when he departs.