"You've got to be great to rotate. And Spurs aint great".

And that sums up the 4-1 defeat at St. Andrews perfectly. That and the fact Ramos played one or two out of position and the rest on the bench. Rest/lose our two best centre backs, our main midfielder and our top scorer along with our threat from wide positions and we're left with not much in the way of anything.

Play a full strength side and then take players off would have been the better option, but I'm guessing the hangover from the Cup Final is still buzzing around in the heads of all.

Probably the best thing to happen was for us to get tonked like this. Reminds everyone that there's stil plenty of work to be done. Not so much chasing a higher position, but more to do with adding more strength to the squad.

Not much else to say. Other than Robinson replicating his positioning from the Cup Final for yet another conceded free-kick.