Beard Update

As per a previous blog entry, I made an announcement that I am growing a beard. Hobo chic at its finest. Minus the chic.

At the moment its more of a mess of a stubble than it is a genuine beard. Need another 2 weeks of growth at the very least before I decide whether I can get away with this travesty of fashion for much longer. Got some grey hairs to the left of my chin, giving me an almost Roy Keanesque quality which does nothing to make it look even 1% appealing. I look like the lovechild of a tramp and the wolf-man after a night on Special Brew having had parts of my face shaved off by other tramps in a prank-attack then tried to smarten up with another tramps piss in (what proves to be) a successful attempt to get into Chinawhite.

But the beard has to stay until Spurs are mathematically safe from relegation. Although (cheat mode activated) I'm going to change it to, '...until Spurs are more or less safe based on league position and the form of whomever is bottom three and the likelihood of being pulled back down into the dogfight'.

I'm so zany.