Warm balls?

Hail to the Milk Cup. Semi-final draw, live on Gillette Soccer Saturday, saw us get a plum first leg to Burnley - the giant killers of London clubs (Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal) whilst Manchester United go to Derby. Sponsors are expecting a Spurs v Utd derby, and unless we manage to completely fuck up our home tie, I expect this to be the case. Disrespect meant, who would want to watch the two Championship teams in the final? Glam it's not.

Think I'm more happy with the home tie first up also, more so than last year because of the opposition. Do a good clinical job, and the second tie will be a formality. If we choke, stutter or simply get a bit arrogant and fuck it up, we don't deserve a second successive Wembley visit. Yes, they beat second elevens on their way to the semi-finals, but if we can't brush them aside then shame on us.

Would love a Utd final. Berbatov, are ya listening.....?