Another look back

You know me and match reports. Hate to go over what everyone knows already, so if you want to make your own unbiased judgement best to brave it and watch MoTD (not that it's ever unbiased) or read several tabloid and broadsheet reviews and just find the middle ground in the way of analysis and settle for that.

Spurs forums at the moment are probably best avoided. I know the ref is getting some flak, but it's weak to have to deflect towards the man in black, when the men in light blue failed to impress. Although Harry is getting it in the neck from some. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Player review:

Gomes - On form with some great saves, but still a moment of comedy or two mixed in for larfs.

Corluka - Average compared to recent performances.

Dawson - Average, defended well in places, but is it really necessary to resort to Championship hoofing of the ball? Or is Daws getting in some practise for next season?

Woodgate - Our best player. Doesn't have an off day too often, but one man won't win you a game.

BAE - Played reasonably well, then got sent off. 10 out of 10 for the hairstyle.

Bentley - Fucking shit. Like any of his previous performances. He might have mad skillz when star-jumping for the camera or adding highlights to his hair, but he is incapable of taking a set piece of doing anything else of note. Once again, rather than attempt to play the basics first, he attempts to be the superstar. Brings nothing to the team. Can never beat the first player.

Modric - Struggled. Outfought in midfield battles and his performance suffered for it. None of his quality passing evident today.

Jenas - Textbook invisible man. Now you see him, now you don't. Not as bad as Bentley, but surely after several years of waiting, JJ will never achieve this alleged potential he has.

Zokora - Another MIA. Some would say he's been on form in recent weeks, but today, disappeared without trace.

Lennon - Best offensive player, and not too shabby with defensive duties. The only bright spark.

Bent - On his own upfront. You can't blame him for being isolated.

Special mention: Bale. It must be haunting him now.

I'm sure everyone is asking the same question, but exactly what's wrong with O'Hara, Boateng, Campbell etc who find themselves sitting on the bench or worse, whilst the likes of Bentley, Jenas and the rest get selected every week?

Some would say Bentley is struggling due to Lennon's form on the right hand side. Lennons form, by the way, isn't down to Harry as he was our best player under Ramos. And Harry took his time in selecting him as a first choice.

Other's would point out that the likes of Bentley, along with Modric, Bent and Pav do not become shit over night and that these players will deliver consistently. Yes, we as ever, over spent on all of them, but they are players who can peform to high standards. Getting them to do so is proving tricky. If any one knows when exactly the fateful day might occur, let me know so I don't miss out.

There's no doubt we would be dead and buried had Ramos not gone allowing for the arrival of Harry. But playing Bentley every week is down to the manager and playing one up front is also down to the manager.

I'm repeating myself again. But that happenes with the obvious. It's so obvious, you wonder how it gets repeated over and over and over again. And you keep having to refer back to it.

Until next time.....