Transfer Goss

Diarra to Madrid. Again. This time its the Pompey one, who we all think we wanted (needed) for our little team. Him joining us was once upon a time a done deal, in PretendLand. I guess all of Comolli's scouting on the player has allowed Ramos to point out the player to his directors and say 'I want', in clear elegant Spanish. Great work Damien. Although I'm still waiting for an explanation on how a player who was a done deal for City is now a Madrid player. Anyone from the press care to confirm your sources (?), you pesky idiotic liars.

Have I mentioned the Keane story? I can't be bothered to check, so I'll repeat. We've only received £6M for him thus far thanks mainly to instalment payments. Lawro claims Liverpool want rid of him (Gerrard told him after last weeks Hull game) so the logic here is that the remaining money owed by Liverpool is wiped clean and we just pay back what they paid us, minus £1M for our troubles. Embarrassing for Keane and Liverpool. Can you see it happening? Nope? Thought as much.