Anyone read The Telegraph yesterday? Along with an article, they published photos released by the police of suspects they would like to question about indecent chanting at the Pompey v Spurs game from earlier this season. The police don't directly mention racial chanting. But the Telegraph ran the headline that these fans were allegedly singing racial abuse. All very much of a legal minefield. What are the police investigating exactly? Is it indecent (which I guess can be racial or possibly homophobic) or is it just racial?

The Telegraph are specific with their opinion on the subject. It's hard to prove either way simply because everyone has a different opinion on the meaning behind the words sang in the 'Sol Sol wherever you may be' chant. If someone is overtly racist, then good luck to the police and I hope they arrest and charge them. No place for it anywhere in life, and football fans should not be exempt from it at football grounds across the country. To be clear - I'm talking about racism, not ambiguous misinterpreted words.

All this publicity and police investigation is really down to one thing. Sol Campbell and his crusade. Two things, never separated, and co-existing as a singular pain in everyone's arse.

The amount of chants in football tinged with homophobic references is aplenty. Not right you might argue, but its common place. Ask Ashley Cole. Ask anyone. But has that been spoken about at all in the midst of all this as much as the alleged racist element?

Campbell has always banged on about all Spurs fans being racist and that's why they boo and abuse him. And that's it. That's the crux of it. His fragile ego can't cope, so he points his finger and rather mention the gay slurs (which, he should think about doing, or is it okay for fans to sing homophobic chants?) he decides that Spurs fans sing that 'Sol Sol' song because he's black and us Yids we hate the blacks. So lets get all KKK about it and sing about those pesky blacks but only when Campbell is playing and only mentioning Campbell's name. I guess we are the worst type of racists, the type that discriminate hypocritically by hating black Sol Campbell but loving black Ledley King. In fact the only black we hate is Campbell. White supremacy at it's very finest.

Have I made it sarcastically clear enough how ridiculous these accusations are?

Maybe 'indecent chanting' will cover off the homophobic chanting on the sly, and maybe Campbell has complained about this. Or maybe the authorities have jumped on the hype the media spun on the back of the original incident.

Again (and for the 1000th time), I'm not saying I like or have sang any of these songs. Its not my bag at all. And that other song sang by the idiot minority about Adebayor is overtly racist, but the idiots who sing it think its funny and probably don't have the brains to realise singing about washing elephants is a chant too far. I know for a fact that Spurs (stewards) have removed people for singing this during games. I've yet to hear Adebayor complain about it, but hope he does. Mido was subject to abuse recently also (again) and arrests have been made. This in particular warrants far more publicity than this Campbell carnival.

Hated for his colour - Red

The majority of Tottenham fans are way above all this and are far more simplistic with their honesty by calling Campbell a Judas or a c*nt. Which is our right to do, and before anyone gets all self-righteous about how 'you wouldn't expect to get away with calling someone a c*nt in the street so why would you expect to get away with it at a football match' - don't bother. Players except this as part and parcel of football. The day someone shouts out 'Ronaldo! I don't like you mate' is the day we slowly and gently lower football into a deep grave and shed a tear for our dear departed friend.

There's no need to put the hatred for Campbell into a fucking song. And the media and police and everyone else who want to slate Spurs fans over this should get that flux capacitor out of the bottom drawer and go back several years when Campbell played for Arsenal at WHL and got an incredible reception of abuse. No 'Sol Sol hanging from a tree' chants back then. Just your common working class mans screaming and shouting and swearing. And what does our very own Benedict Arnold do? He tells the press that the abuse was racially motivated. Had nothing to do with him walking from Spurs to Arsenal on a free and everything to do with race and colour of skin.

Fuck off mate. Just fuck the fuck off. Even the likes of Ian Wright along with one or two other ex-players don't see what Campbell appears to see.

He shat on the club, doesn't accept he did and doesn't understand why fans dislike him. If the minority of Spurs fans who are still obsessed with this non-entity had any self-respect they would just ignore him completely. Although I guess if they did that, Sol Campbell would actually believe we have forgiven him.

We live in such a PC world that anything like this will be scrutinised and exaggerated and people will be made an example of, even though other instances which are obviously racist are completely ignored - by police and the media - because they don't score highly in what they believe to be their own agendas and publicity ratings.

Maybe, the few who had their photos taken by the police at that Pompey game need to be 'sacrificed' so that it deters others from actually saying something truly racist, not questionable or subjective, but something that's blatantly black or white.