Gust of wind

Playing catch-up with some of last weeks headlines.

With the media-shy Levy getting in as many soundbites and quotes as humanly possible, and Ramos quietly accepting the £1.7M pay-off we were treated to a slice of Poyet-pie. Remember him? Meant to be one of the promising young coaches in the country. Nonsense Gus looked the part up until he had to do every post-match interview with a glum look on his face telling us Bent and Pav can't play together, along with how unacceptable one defeat after another (and another) was.

He's come out all guns blazing, pointing his finger in the direction of Mr Chairman. Subject material? Berbatov of course.

With Levy telling us his side of the story the week before, Poyet manages to echo what most people truly believe. That Levy completely mis-managed the whole sorry saga from start to finish.

£6M 'more' made on the transfer for waiting until the final rather than sell him the end of May. And his comment about 'How much is six points worth?' is something most of us have pointed out (in the sense that starting the season lacking strength up front meant that over the course of the season we could lose £6M or more by finishing in a low position).

Poyet also slates the players for being flash, citing one 20 year old Spurs 'star' for spending a bit of money on a Ferrari and then drops the bombshell that although it was a 'great job' at Spurs, he wasn't involved as much as he wanted to be.

Ok. Firstly, Berba. Regardless of the shambles our summer transfer melee was, why is it that Harry Redknapp took all of 3 seconds to get the team working as a unit? Bent is scoring goals. Modric has found his way around the Premiership and we are winning games, home and away.

Same players Gus. No different to what you and Ramos had. Why was Bentley and Modric marginalised into playing unconventional roles in the team, out of their positions? And if you were not involved as much as you wanted to be, then what exactly was your involvement? Glorified interpreter? Ramos really was lost over here, wasn't he?

And shock horror, all footballers are twats. Buying a Ferrari, paying for hookers, getting a hair transplant then shaving it off, losing thousands on cards.....they are boys who can afford bigger toys than the average boy. Don't be jealous.

Sorry it didn't work out. And tbh, no hard feelings. Good luck, and if you are still wondering about the Newcastle job my advice would be - don't be a mug.