Nothing too dramatic here, but thought I'd share for fits and giggles. My brother-in-law was wandering through the aisles at the Waltham Abbey Tescos, and who does he see? None other than our Russian no-paced smiling destroyer of Liverpool, Roman Pavlyuchenko. A regular fixture there apparently as he's still house hunting and thus currently residing at the Marriott.

Maybe someone can shed some light on how 'Roman' is actually phonetically pronounced in English, as my brother-in-law called out his name twice to no avail, until Pav finally turned round realising someone was obviously attempting to attract his attention.

Doubt he understood a word, but hands were shaken and a 'good luck, happy to have you at Spurs' exchange took place with the Russkie smiling and nodding. One of the counter-girls told my brother-in-law this was the first time she had seen him shopping there without his interpretor. Looks like he's venturing out all on his own now. Bless.

And what was our (probably) £40,000 a week striker shopping for? A £20 Tesco's DVD player. That's almost forgiveable considering his current living arrangements.

The Louis Vuitton man-bag, however, is not.