Pav Update

Just how thick is Roman Pavlyuchenko? About £14M worth of thick.

After a hectic Russian domestic season and a sudden move from Moscow to London, Roman at no point since his Spurs debut has looked match-fit. 75% at a stretch. And thanks to Tottenham's dithering and additional alleged agent interference (which meant his Russian team-mate Andrei Arshavin stayed at Zenit rather than paraded around at White Hart lane), he has yet to settle down in London. Like any player from a far-away land, things don't always come together quickly.

Three weeks rest would be the best option, but the player has demanded a second opinion. Basically, he will dismiss the doctors who are paid by the people that pay his wages, and will accept the decision made by the doctors that look after the Russian players.

Ankle ligament trouble, yet he prefers to play. He could quite possibly aggravate the injury further and spend more time out for Spurs. Not that the lack of other striker options is his fault.

As for Guus Hiddink, please do one.

The player, considering his form, should take the oppurtinity to shut the fuck up and rest.

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