Agent Comolli speaks

Ok. Lets try this again. We lost to Boro, then Sunderland but drew at that's one point....

Interviewed, Comolli tells everyone we are united. Very apt. The exact PR friendly blurb is as follows:

"We share the responsibilities. We are all together supporting each other and I'm sure we will turn it around.

We need stability. We don't need change. We need to get results.

As a club we are very united - the board and the coaching staff, the players and the coaching staff, and the players and the board. We are in this together so we don't want to single out anyone.

We are not getting the results we thought we would get, but we are working hard and we are all committed in the club to getting it right and fixing it.

My relationship with Juande is excellent, as always.

That is all speculation. We don't talk about that inside the club. We just want to get out of this tricky situation."

Would be mighty embarrassing if someone gets trigger-happy after the Stoke game in a couple of weekends time. Trying to decipher this message of togetherness (yeah, I'm cynical if you haven't noticed) is tricky. Comolli is the spokesman when Levy doesn't want to get his hands dirty. Get a goodwill message out in the open, get the press off our backs and work towards that miracle first win.

Lose, and lose again and maybe again - you wonder if the chairman will be making the next 'Let's not panic' official statement - because if Ramos isn't the one to be sacrificed, then ridding the club of Comolli might just do the trick. Not that an immediate positive impact on the field will result with the Frenchmen's departure. Damien's devastating work occurs within the transfer window.

The other far more scary alternative scenario is that Levy/Ramos/Comolli are bestest mates and this summer was a unified well planned attempt to progress the club.

Ha, yeah righto.