Challenge Spurs™ - The NLD

Game 02 v (A) Arsenal
Total points: 5
Position: Still 20th
4 points from safety

Game 2 is nearly upon us. Would love for us to compete in this game but I reckon it's come a little too soon to make an impact at the Emirates. An Arsenal off day might see us pinch a point, but I don't think many expect us to come away with anything more. Arsenal might hammer us. Or they might under-preform (like they've done a number of times recently) but considering the 5-1 is still fresh in the memories of the home support (don't lie to yourselves, it hurt) we might have to park a couple of buses in preparation.

This is where Harry needs to earn his wages. The players don't need reminding how important this game is. And what do we have to lose? Ok, three points, three valuably much needed points - but no one expects us to grab them in this game or Saturdays encounter with Liverpool. So, the players should go for it. Stick two upfront, let Modric roam and maybe slap Gomes around pre-match and instruct him to direct his high risk wrestling moves on the Arsenal forward line and not poor floppy haired Corluka.

Having said all this, form usually doesn't count in these games, but we rarely get anything out of them. Another cute wink from the footballing Gods would do us just fine. I'll be happy with a point.