Sunday not so bloody sunday

The 'mass' demonstration for this coming Sunday has been called off. Ben (that's the Ben who posts on COYS and spends most of his time up a tree at the Lodge) has been quite vocal recently with the publicity around the protest (he was interviewed by telephone on Setanta Sports). This was posted on COYS yesterday afternoon:

"Many people have supported the statement and a lot think we should do it before the game kicks of v bolton instead of during the first 5 minutes. some think we should do V liverpool. A few not at all.

I don't speak for spurs fans and don't want to do something majority not happy with so for that reason at the moment we will not do the leaflets. Levy knows a lot want him to go quite obviously and they are under real pressure. They need to tell us guys something and give something back to the fans. The situation is a large majority of us want Levy to go.

Because of the position we are in and the points needed over the next few weeks after a long chat between us all we have decided to leave this for the time being the club know how we feel and our feelings will almost certainly not change(we hope they will) I really fear for our future with Enic but maybe at the moment this will not help things as people have suggested.

We all love the club and want to get out of this position so we all need to pull together at the moment. So the leaflets will now not go ahead this weekend"

So keep your effigies at home and just make sure your lungs are ready to breach the roof of the sky as we all give it some with the vocals. I'm guessing that after the game, if we do manage to lose again, there might be one or two gatherings outside the main entrance to the West Stand. Nothing pre-planned. No leaflets. There's no protest planned during the game or just before it or after it. Anything that happens on the day will be down to what happens during the game itself. Seems its best not to distract from the fact that 3 points is the only important thing on Sunday.

Football will take precedence. Let's hope the players remember to turn up for once.

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