17 minutes gone, Bale sent off, 1-0 Stoke from the spot

We are going down. Embrace it. Hug it. Welcome it.

edit001: Bent, 1-1. Off-side, he was. Is lady lucky glancing our way for once?

edit002: Half-time. Bale (the jinx) red carded, and the direct result is 30 minutes of determination, heart and character. More fight club mentality in the second half and we might just nick all 3 points. Imagine that.

edit003: It's all gone to shit again. 2-1 down. Fight? More like fright.

edit004: Corluka, with neck brace and oxygen, is stretched off the pitch. Bad to worse.

edit005: Jenas. Jenas. Jenas. A free kick that is neither a cross or a shot. Quintessentially textbook from the most redundant player in the universe.

edit006: 11 minutes of injury time. Cue a 3rd Stoke goal.

edit007: I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Woodgate gives away a penalty, which is taken, hits both posts comes out and then gets struck against the bar. Hilarity that only the Spurs can bring to you. Still 2-1 and still no hope.

edit008: No Dawson is sent off (rightfully), and has goes spastic at the ref's decision. Football suicide at its very finest.

edit009: And that's that. Upcoming Prem fixture list:

Bolton (H)
Arsenal (A)
Liverpool (H)
Man City (A)

See you next season at Burnley.