Judas II

So the police will investigate. Are they planning on opening up investigations on every club in the country? Surely if you're going to crack down on one set of fans, then all should be under the beady eye of the authorities? Unless of course....oh yeah, Campbell is the only player making a complaint.

I'm waiting on Ashley Cole complaining to the F.A. about Arsenals 'Ten men went to bed with him' chant.

I'm wonder if 'Sol' is also going to dispute that he is not a 'wanker' and should not be called one, because the Spurs fans clearly yelled that at him when he came up for a corner.

It's the 'racial' element of this complaint that is causing so much discussion. Its to do with the hanging reference in the song. It's not a reference about lynching. 'Hanging from a tree' might have that connotation in the US, but this song is about the mental health of Campbell. It's a nasty crude song for sure. Not defending it at all - as stated in my initial blog about this ugly mess.

If those fans didn't sing it, then people would not misinterpret it.

Campbell should man up and just ignore it. Spurs fan's should sing about Ledley and Woodgate.

And they all lived happily ever after.