Berbatov Update

Oh, we do like these, don't we? We get them every day. If it isn't Ramos or Levy or a football agent or another player, its Berbs himself this time. Interviewed on the radio.

According to Blighty (who lives in Bulgaria) who post's at the COYS forum, Berbatov was interviewed by Nova TV via telephone. Summary:

- Berbs was angry stating that all the 'quotes' attributed to him in the press about wanting to leave or wanting to play for Manchester United are not his own.
- Other people, including Danchev - his agent - are speaking for themselves and not the player.
- He was asked about leaving and he said he had everything he wanted at Spurs including the money he wanted.
- He didn't directly say he wasn't leaving but gave the impression he wasn't personally pushing for a move in the Jan window.

Again, the fact that he doesn't directly state 'I am not leaving, I want to stay' means that it's pinch of salt time. With rumours of Chelsea tapping up the player, this interview makes him appear to be innocent of any transfer goings-on, which will then make Spurs appear to be the ones selling him on their own accord when it happens. But that then contradicts everything Levy is saying about the matter. See how easy it is to read anything into a string of words?

We've known for an age something isn't quite right. Nothing has changed. I'm counting the days till February.


British press now reporting on the interview.,19528,11095_3028551,00.html