Fools Gold

From the Daily Mail:

Ramos warns: If we sell Berbatov, this will prove Tottenham is not a big or a great club

Juande Ramos has delivered a stark warning - great clubs do not sell their best players.

With speculation rife that Tottenham are ready to offload Dimitar Berbatov for as much as £31m, Spurs boss Ramos has told the White Hart Lane board: You'd be fools to let him go.

The Spaniard insisted: "It's a logical deduction that if Tottenham sell Berbatov they are not a big club.

"I don't want to sell him. This is my message. There are very few strikers a Berba's quality. Those who do exist play for great teams in the Champions League.

"Great teams do not sell their best players and he's the only great player not in the Champions League this season."

Ramos at it again, this time (it would appear) delivering an indirect threat towards the chairman. Of course, its more likely that the Mail have taken comments from a Ramos interview and simply focused their attention on the above words and nothing else, making it a little out of context. He hasn't actually called the board 'fools' or issued a threat to the club. He's just stating the obvious outcome of selling our prized asset.

Or course, even more likely is the fact that Ramos IS indirectly telling the Spurs board to be careful. I wouldn't worry. £31M can buy us a couple of Darren Bents.

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