• Robbie Keane notching up his 100th goal for Spurs
  • Our first half performance against Sunderland
  • Huddlestone's passing and first half performance in same game
  • The alleged rumours that the 'big signings' were Boswinga and Gonzalez


  • The second half performance against Sunderland
  • The apparent signing of a 32 year old Brazilian left-back from Hertha on a pre-contract
  • Another bout of 'Robbo hands in transfer request'....'Oh no he doesnt'....
  • 'Tiago to sign'. Hasn't settled at previous 3 clubs. What the fuck makes us think he can settle in our mess of a midfield?


  • Spurs sign Jason Banton from Arsenal, for £100,000



  • King and Berbatov are Newcastle targets. One more, proof that the Sunday papers are written by fucking idiots and bought by fucking morons.