If we lose to Arsenal at home

I will officially quit being a full time Spurs fan. I will then do a 'Bill Simmons' and select a new club to support. I think you should all do the same. Its time we all reclaimed some self-respect. I'm sick of us choking on the big occasions. I'm sick of waiting for a transitional period to result in actual full-on progression to the next level. I demand more and I aint getting it. If you paid a hooker for sex and hoped for some extras (bj and anal for example) with some additional bareback thrown in for good measure, but instead got a bland tugjob and then beaten up by her pimp when you complained - would you keep going back to her? Of course not. Yet I keep finding myself knocking at her door, believing her when she lets me in, that I will get what I want - what I long for, but always end up with no penetration, an empty wallet and all beaten up. I want the moneyshot God damn it! I want the glory.

To dare is to do? Well get on with it and fucking do it.