2-0 to them lot

Wasn't at the game, didn't stream it. From what I've been told we were pretty much shit, especially in central midfield where O'Hara and KPB struggled. The latter resorting to rugby at one desperate point in the match. Disappointing we couldn't show up for this. By all accounts, poor match lightened up by a sparkling 35 yarder. Though who wouldn't have a crack when nobody attempts to close the player down. 10 seconds is plenty of time to take aim.

King completed his third 90 minutes of football in 7 days. That's one thing to be happy about. Uncertain of young Taarabt's performance. Apparently hugged the ball a little too much. Great in possession but with no end product. Again, development for him and Jamie and Kevin being the key to avoiding transfers to the Championship.

Not going to dwell any more on this game. Bit silly if I haven't seen any footage.