Relegation Dogfight

Bolton away over the weekend. Lose that and surely we will be relegated by Christmas. Only King missing now, leaving him as our only major injured player. Hopefully this Thursday against the Cyprian village team we might get to see The Prince and more of Tarrabt (probably both on the bench). What everyone wants to see is a swagger and a smile from Berbatov. Though knowing Jol, as this is a home game, we might get Bent and Defoe upfront. Nah, of course we wont.

I'm away (again) from tomorrow till the following Thursday so once more the blog wont be updated during the late evenings and this weekend. Which means I wont be able to comment on the Bolton game till Monday.

If you were wondering about the downtime, no its not whores and coke. Rehab does work when you're not a rock star (lack of funds means the only way to fall off the rails is working a stint at Kings Cross - and I aint doing that again).

So, in a week and a bit I'll be able to update you with one or two of my ongoing projects and also catch up with all the latest in-fighting (Jol v Defoe) and board antics and of course the hissy fits of forum-dwelling Spurs fans.

Might have a fair bit to write if Bolton dick us.

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